Mom You're Entirely Too Ashy

A few weeks ago I was in my room dressing up after my shower. I put on my old worn out gym capris, my hubby's long work socks and an old stretched out gray t-shirt with a wife beater underneath. I had my bed scarf still on my head, and nope, I did not care. Well I didn't care until Mini-Me came strolling in my bedroom. She came to an abrupt stop and shook her head.   
Me: "What?"
Mini-Me: Shaking her head, "The ash mommy. The ash."
She was referring to the  2 inches of exposed dry ashy skin on my calves and legs, where the socks didn't touch the capri bottoms.
Me: "So! I'm home. I don't need to put lotion on."
Mom You're Entirely Too Ashy | Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care
Mini-Me: "Ok, but you said I could be honest." "I mean I didn't say anything about what you had on...."
Me: "Get out...."
Mini-Me smirked, batted her eyes and gave me her cute face.  "I love you."
I kissed her on the forehead and said "Bye Girl..."
I closed my bedroom door and walked to my jar of Kokum Body Butter on my night stand and massaged it on all of my visible parts....
She's not the boss of me... so I kept my outfit on.