How To Save Your Lips From Drying Out During A Workout

So you're at the gym getting in a great workout and notice during a water break that your lips are real dry. They may be tight and even sting a bit. Well, if this is you and you want a solution continue to read. Listed below are 5 steps to relieve some of the dryness.
  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: In the Army one of the most familiar phrases was "Drink Water Hooah!" If you have an ache or pain, "Drink Water Hooah!" Before lights out, "Drink Water Hooah!" If you have a headache, "Dry Water Hooah!" In the emergency room, "Dry Water Hooah!" Trainees even had hydration formations. As you may have guessed, hydration was a very important part of overall health. Without being told or directly taught, we learned that true hydration started long before our workout and was a continuous process. To combat chapped lips at the gym, maintain a constant state of hydration. As a general practice, drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Your lips and skin will be more plump and you will have more energy.
  2. Apply A Nourishing Lip Protectant: Before any workout you should apply a lip protectant like Butter Angels Illipe Lip Moisturizer. During heavy and strenuous activity one's breathing becomes heavier. The hot breath has a drying effect on your lips. Applying a nourishing lip protectant will slow down the effects of heavy breathing and salt. Your lips will be softer longer.
  3. Remove The Sweat: If you are really getting into your work out and giving it all you've got, you're going to sweat. There's really no way around it. So instead of feeling self conscience about the drying that is taking place, just pat it away. It is important that you pat and not wipe your sweat away. Wiping will remove your lip moisturizer and leave your lips vulnerable. However, patting will remove the sweat and leave some of the moisturizer in place. As soon as you finish your workout, rinse the sweat off your face and pat dry. The sooner your remove the excess salt, the less dry your skin will be. If you have time to shower directly after your workout, that would be much better.
  4. Re-apply Lip Protectant:  I highly suggest you re-apply lip moisturizer as soon as you pat your face dry from the post-workout rinse. Your lips are still damp and prime for protection. 
  5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: "Drink Water Hooah!!" Remember, hydration is a continuous act. As your body heals and cools hydration needs increase. Maintaining a constant state of hydration is key in maintaining soft and supple lips.