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A Second Chance At Life

The months leading to retirement is an exciting and sometimes scary time. You maybe worried about where you will live, how much money you'll need to make? What school will your children attend? The list of questions will go on for days. Well I'm about to give you some more questions to think about. 
First Time Around
For many the military is your first career. You join at the tender ago of 17, 18 or 19, and for the next 20 years of your adult hood you are the military and the military is you. You may have gotten your education, traveled the world and had a family. However, everything you did centered around your duty to complete the mission. 
Building Your Second Chance At Life
Leaving the military is like starting life over again. Instead of  Uncle Sam and Aunt Rosie's mission, you have a mission of your own.  Your primary objective is to successfully transition into a new civilian life, full of freedom, hope and peace. So how do we go about making that happen?
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